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Turn Your Junk Vehicle Into Treasure: Sell Your Junk Car For Top Dollar!

Sell Your Junk Car And Get A Top Dollar

Vehicles come and go for some people. Whether you are a car collector or someone who likes to update their vehicle, we will give you a helpful tip today. You don’t always have to trade in your old vehicle for a new one. You can still enjoy the benefits of an old car by turning it into cash. A+ Cash For Junk Cars can give you cash in exchange for your old car in less than a minute. We commit to hassle-free transactions. We want to offer convenience to our clients and ensure they make the right choice. 

Get a free quote on our services or call us at (630) 453-4836. Check our nearest service area near you. You don’t have to travel far to bring your car to us. Our team can also pick it up for you. Make the most out of your vehicle. Sell junk car today and get their best value with A+ Cash For Junk Cars.

Why Should You Sell Your Junk Car In Exchange For Cash?

• You Will Be At Ease

Getting rid of an old vehicle can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are busy. The easiest way to junk an old car is to sell it to a company that buys it. Make the call and clean out the vehicle. Schedule the best time for the company to tow your car. In an instant, you will get your cash. 

The process is easy and simple. Companies handle the paperwork, including the transfer of title. You don’t have to advertise online to sell your wheels to someone else. This will take more of your time to find the right buyer for your vehicle. You can always sell it to A+ Cash For Junk Cars. We assure you that you’ll get the best price your vehicle is worth.

• There Are No Hidden Fees

Selling your old vehicle to a company would be less hassle for you as an owner. The transaction is straightforward. Thus, there will be no hidden fees. Once the company gets the information about your auto, we will offer the fair price your car deserves. It will include all our services when you sell your junk car to us. Get 100% of our offer and what we have agreed upon. There will be no surprises or extra charges. Get the best deal and sell it to A+ Cash For Junk Cars.


• Get It For A Good Price

We buy an old car in any condition. We make a thorough inspection first before stating a price to our clients. You might think that an old car is useless already. Not with A+ Cash For Junk Cars. Most private buyers would haggle over the price of your car to get it at a price they want. But, with a company like us, we ensure your car is well taken care of, and you’ll get a good price. 

Call us to see how our price matches your current deal with your private buyer. Making a good deal will be difficult. But, with us, you don’t have to worry about the long process of selling your car. Call us, and we’ll be right there to inspect and pick up your car. Even if your car is in rough condition, expect to still get a fair price.

• Get Your Money In An Instant

The benefit most people enjoy when selling their old cars is that they get their money the same day. Expect a bigger cash payout when your car is as good as new. Our team will go to your house to check the car’s condition. After the inspection, we will make an offer. 

The process is quick, so you don’t have to worry about when you can get your money. We are available in different areas, so you can be confident that we will check your car immediately. Let our team examine your vehicle with a free towing service. Get cash for my scrap car and get the best deal when you negotiate with us.

• Increase Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Once you get rid of your old car, you’ll find your home more appealing than ever. Junk cars tend to be an eyesore when sitting there for a long time. It takes up too much space as well. If the car is in your yard, you’ll find your yard not attractive most of the time. Get it out there and increase your home’s curb appeal by selling it. Your house will look nicer without an old vehicle sitting right there. This improves the aesthetics of your home and will be more satisfying to look at whenever someone passes by. It adds comfort and makes your house easier to sell, should you plan to do so.

• More Space For Your Home

Aside from increasing your home’s curb appeal, getting rid of an old vehicle creates more space in your home. Creating more space could make way for new things or improvements you want for your house. If your car sits in your garage or yard, it will only consume space and be useless. Remember that you can use that space to improve your home for other purposes. Selling your vehicle will not take too much time when you sell it to the right company. You can create a space where children can play, or you can build a room for you and your friends. Whatever you decide, getting rid of an old car is now hassle-free with A+ Cash For Junk Cars.

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• Less Risk

The risk of selling your auto to a private buyer is the chance they would not show up. They could also negotiate a lower price than you expect. You’ll end up having to compromise. Sometimes, the risk could include not receiving the money. Either way, a company like ours could save you from all these hassles. You don’t have to worry about the risks of making a deal with a private buyer. Make selling your old car easy and smooth when you sell it to us. A transaction that is risk-free ensures that your time and effort will not go to waste. 

• Haul It Away For Free

A+ Cash For Junk Cars offers free pick-up after making an inspection of your wheels. Hauling away an old car can be expensive. But if you sell it to a company,  they can pick it up for free. Save more time and money by making the right choice. Sell your junk car to us. You don’t have to spend much to get rid of an old vehicle. Exchange it for cash and get the best deal when you contact our company today.

• It Is Good For The Environment

Did you know that 80% of the materials in your car can be recycled? Salvage yards must drain the fluids in a safe manner to not harm the environment. From there, they can break down the cars into their components so they can recycle them. 

Another thing is that old cars that have been in one place for a long time can be a health and safety concern. There may be dangerous chemicals that seep into the ground. This could affect the water supply in the area. This poses a threat to both human beings and our ecosystem. Metals from junk cards are useful, thus making them useful for reducing pollution. 

• Buy Your Dream Car

You might be eyeing a certain car or want to upgrade the vehicle you are using right now. Take this as your sign to buy the car you have always wanted. Now that you have the money and space, you can buy a new auto. Find a vehicle that will help you run your everyday errands or when you want to go out of town on the weekends. 

There will be different companies that will offer to buy your car. But make sure to get the best deal out there. Call us today and get a top-dollar deal on your vehicle. Replace your vehicle without losing its benefits. Trust our team to make a good deal with you. 

Whether you are disposing of an old car or upgrading to a new one, getting rid of an old car should not be a hassle anymore. A+ Cash For Junk Cars makes sure you get top-quality service as you say goodbye to your old car. Save yourself from all the risk and inconvenience when you trust our team. The process will be quick and easy. Get money for scrap cars in an instant and make the best deal in town. Sell your junk car to A+ Cash For Junk Cars for a smooth and easy transaction. Check our different service areas near you. Call us at (630) 453-4836. You can also get a quote on our service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A junk car is a vehicle that is no longer roadworthy or repairable. These vehicles usually have no resale value, though their parts may be valuable. As a result, junk cars are frequently sold for parts or scrap metal.


Never sell to a dealer. It’s well-known that selling your used vehicle privately will net you more money. Car dealers must profit from the used vehicles they accept in trade; they buy low and sell high. 


Let’s go over some places and organizations you can contact if you want to sell your junk car.

  • Auto Salvage Companies
  • Scrap Yards
  • Private Buyers
  • Used Car Dealerships
  • Auto Body Shops
  • Classified/Auction Websites


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